Hijab is a symbol of modesty, signifying the religious values of one’s belief. Over the course of time , lots of modernization has taken place in the styling of a Hijab which means trends change each year. With the active change of modest trends and renowned designers working to modernize modest fashion, I would prefer something that is elegant and classy. Here are few of the trending designs that have dominated modest fashion of 2017.


The Elegant Hijabi

This style trend is absolutely gorgeous , really elegant and neat. Perfect for all those that can carry a graceful look. This outfit is from Tugba & Venn



The Modern Open Abaya

This is one of my favorite trends, it’s definitely for all those with a high sense of fashion and an attraction towards modern outlook. This dress is from Inayah



The Classic Abaya

One of the trendiest and classic look of this year, the color scheming and the neatness of this design is on point. For all those colorful dress lovers out there, this one is certainly  for you. Apparel  from Dolce & Gabbana



The Style Dominator

Highly elegant and beautifully designed. A black abaya has always been Muslim girls first  choice. This dress is from Dolce & Gabbana



That Chic Hijabi

Modern and exquisite , this trend is absolutely a good choice for a casual street style. This dress is from Tugba & Venn



These were five of the #NVM style picks , do share which one was your favorite. Don’t forget to subscribe to our news letter and never miss out a single thing we do.



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