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Every country has particular characteristics and knowledge encompassing language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music and arts which makes it unique from the rest. Culture is all about ideas, customs, and social behaviors of people or society.

We decided to bring forward some amazing cultures from around the world that inspire us the most. Each distinct culture beautifully frames its own uniqueness and portrays its own tradition, that had been gifted to each generation by their ancestors.

Here are five of the beautiful cultures around the world that will definitely leave you wanting to try them.


Afghani Culture is highly attractive and at the same time beautiful.  Afghanistan is a vast country and as a result has a rich mix of ethnicities and tribes, which also means their cultural practices vary yet the way Afghan women carry their tradition is almost the same. One of my favorite thing about Afghan culture is their traditional headpiece jewelry along with their decorated necklace.

There’s much more to love about Afghan culture and I might keep writing forever. This beautiful headpiece is by Avizeh.


image source : Avizeh


Africa is a home to a number of tribes and ethnicities.It is highly rich in culture that has been passed on from their forefathers and is still followed by its people today.Known for wild breathtaking landscapes, the land of Africa is a true representation of nature.

What I like the most about African culture is their handcrafted jewelry, I have so many of African handmade earrings that I got from Dubai, Global village, and to be honest I love them above all my jewelry. These earings are by e.Turner couture


Image source: e.Turner couture


Chinese ancient culture is known by the world for its mystical elegance that relates to its ancient history filled with the beauty of China’s ancestral traditions and tales.

Chinese with their traditional dragon prints, remarkable jewelry, and pride in their culture just makes us fall in love with China. One of the top things that attract us the most about Chinese heritage is their jewelry and highly embellished clothing. Their traditional headpiece jewelry used to adorn brides is what attracts us the most, we would love to try it out.


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4-United Arab Emirates

Home to my soul, a place where royalty meets creativity, we’ve always loved the Emirates for its sky touching skyscrapers, luxurious palaces, and kind people. What we adored the most about UAE was how their people loved and treasured their Heritage with exemplary pride. Their Heritage is simply one of a kind.


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Pakistan, a land of natural and scenic beauty varies in its customs from place to place. Its rich traditions are taken from our great Rulers in history that had ruled the sub-continent for a very long period of time. Our Mughal traditions still remain in our clothing and sense of Fashion which we chose to wear as a symbol of royalty.


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As we belong from the KPK province of Pakistan and would like to mention specifically the colorful tradition in that area. Kalash traditional headpiece is vibrantly distinct and I would love to try it out.


image source: google

Nevermind is all about celebrating one’s culture while appreciating the customs of others, We believe in the beauty that comes from one’s own tradition and from being who you really are,

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