#JusticeForZainab : Breaking the Silence

I had stopped watching News channels a long time ago, no more Pakistani Politics or National affairs interested me, I remember it was after the massacre of APS children, that I had lost heart. All such incidents I ever witnessed were either distracted by another major occurrence or simply ignored.

How is it possible that you don’t watch News or even cricket?” someone asked, “I rather watch National Geography or read“,   and that’s what I actually do. My evening routine starts with a book, a piece of writing for leisure sake, and switching through National Geography or NHK world. I’ve been at peace with myself, if I don’t know about the bad things happening to people, I wouldn’t have to answer God when I’m asked. Whatever is happening in Syria or with the Rohingya Muslims is going to continue, I’m not going to sit and watch if I can’t help them, in fact, I’ll just keep my self-unaware. Somehow this had been the state of our entire nation

Every time any sort of protest occurs in the country, it either ends up with the government shutting down the protestors or the victim’s family agreeing over “Blood money “. There is no such thing as punishment for a crime, the chaos is worthless. I find no point in being the puppet of the system for the motives of authorities, ending up either silenced or killed.

“He gave his life for the political party”, “He is Shaheed for the protest cause”. Well, he could have been the only breadwinner of the family, the only source of support, someone’s father, someone’s son, someone’s life partner, and more than that, he could have lived.

Yes, I’m talking about the two protestors who were shot dead because they were protesting for Zainab, Sadly no one talks about them because they are not the center of attention here, their lives aren’t much important to us because they gave their life for little Zainab, quite necessary to bring a change, Right? Sadly they need justice too.

Zainab, a 7-year-old from Kasur, was subjected to sexual harassment and murder after which she was dumped; the body was known to be found 3-4 days after the murder. Nothing could be more heartbreaking and inhuman than this act. The Police revealed that there had been 12 similar cases in Kasur for the past year and many of which we are unaware of. Similar cases have been reported from all over Pakistan but no public example had been set.

The death of Zainab has not only jolted the nation but has also united us against injustice.  Never had I seen Pakistanis with this energy to combat evil and demand punishment for crimes. Since the past year, we have become more open to peace, more aware of the wrongdoings, more determined to put an end to corruption, much more positive, and above all, we have become unforgiving.

The media, celebrities, politicians, and the social world have come together to fight against child abuse. They are going out of their ways to raise a voice for justice, a voice against rape and harassment.

We demand justice for Zainab, Faizan, Kainat Batool, and many names unheard. The kind of justice which is exemplary. The justice Iran gave to Atena Aslani who was murdered and dumped just like Zainab. Her assaulter was hung in public and we demand the same.

The funeral of Atena Aslani, a seven-year-old girl who was murdered in Parsabad-e Moghan, in Ardebil province, Iran// Image: aparat.com

Funeral of Zainab, assaulted and killed in Kasur, Pakistan // image: Arynews

Iran had set an example for the world and so shall we, the assaulter of Zainab should be caught and justice bestowed. May this be the last time we Pakistanis have to go through the pain of watching our little ones suffer. Here is to #JusticeForZainab.


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