9th January 2018 was the day that changed how we Pakistanis looked at sexual abuse, Zainab Ansari was the name that the angry mob was chanting when the police opened fire, and Imran Ali, well he is another name for a molester, predator and in short, a rapist.

Zainab, a 7-year-old was abducted on 4th January by her neighbor Imran and was further subjected to inhuman treatment and brutal sexual assault leading to her death. Her dead body was found dumped in the trash, the photo of which caused major unrest in Pakistan, both socially and nationally.

After 12 days of investigation, the police arrested her killer by carrying out a DNA test of the suspect which matched with that on the victim.

What to do Next?

Ever since the news of Zainab’s Killer has come on the scene, Pakistanis are demanding immediate action against the culprit by asking for public execution or a torturous punishment.

My question here is, will this completely eradicate Rape and Sexual Harassment from our society? I guess to some extent but not completely, here is what we need to do :


According to Samaa.tv, Zainab’s mother has come forward with her own demands for justice,

I want the police to hang him with ropes the entire night and may the punishment of Allah overtake him, The next morning I will thrash him myself and the entire public will beat him up with me,” she demands.


Your voice matters, break the silence and speak. Talk about harassment, abuse, assaults, injustice, and every other thing that does not seem right with our society. Stand up for your rights and the rights of others.


We need to educate our children about sexual assaults and sexuality. Parents, teachers, and experts should look into the matter and guide children in this context. Get age-appropriate sex education materials and communicate and build trust with your children.


Mental health matters, always promote seeking help and treatment for psychological problems or mental illnesses. Help your family members or colleagues with such issues by urging or taking them to a psychiatrist.

Lastly, one of the foremost deeds that we need to do is Unite.

Unite against injustice, against falsehood, against crimes, against harassment and above all, against sexual assaults and abuse. 

Although we can never bring back Zainab and the other innocent souls, words can never pay the price for a lost soul. We could not save Zainab Ansari, but we shall work together to save many like her.


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