There are various styles of Hijabs worn by Muslim women worldwide, depending on the region and its distinct cultures; Hijab is designed differently to serve its purpose while skillfully incorporating tradition with religious values, according to Islam, Hijab should be worn by all Muslim women on reaching puberty, and the concept of which is to completely cover ones hair and body.

In Pakistan, we have all types of Hijabs, Interesting to discover we have Dupatta Hijab, Chador Hijab, Middle Eastern Hijab, Double folds Hijab, modern Hijab and the most famous one is the Political Hijab.

So what is a Political Hijab? Who knows it better than our Hijab guru, former BBC weather presenter and ex-wife of Imran Khan, the ever liberal and women rights activist, Reham Khan?

According to Reham Khan, there are two types of hijabs, one is the Hijab worn by Muslim women with their full consent while the other, which is worn to get votes and appear pious and good while not complying to the veil.

In short, Bushra Maneka, Imran Khan’s new bride is accused by Reham Khan, of observing a political hijab under the influence of Imran Khan to gain political popularity and votes.

Political Hijabi women do not necessarily wear Hijab in their daily lives but do so in public as a symbol of decency, which in this sense applies to Reham Khan herself, who turned from mini skirts to chadar hijab for fame sake and not to Bushra Maneka who had been a hijabi woman all her life.

As Hijab is considered to be of supreme rank and a hijabi women regarded as the symbol of righteousness, So why not wear it for namesake?

The only person observing a political hijab or dupatta is Reham Khan herself, and to call Hijab a destruction of modern Pakistan is completely disgraceful.

Although we urge Imran Khan to reveal the identity of his wife, we, on the other hand, appreciate him for letting his wife wear the veil according to her own choice, which in this case is beautiful.

Reham Khan, furthermore, needs to get her concepts clear, modern Pakistan does not rely on the ideology of the west.Although we believe in the freedom of personal choice,  we still don’t appreciate harsh comments passed on someones private life based on your personal grudges, instead of directing your inner hate for Bushra Maneka on the hijab, it’s about time you reflect on your comments.

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