2018 is all about flaunting that cheekbone glow while stealing all the spotlights, more than that, a makeup look is almost incomplete without a dewy skin, this is where highlighters come in.

Some of the best highlighters in the market are a little too expensive and this is why we have listed the top affordable drugstore highlighters that are below $15 and guess what! They are as good as the pricey ones.

Topshop Chameleon Glow in Shuffle The Cards

Topshop Highlighter Chameleon Glow in Shuffle has a rich shade and a  glamorous shine that will give you the perfect glow. Along with being affordable, this highlighter can also fit your little purse.

( Price: $13 )

Wet n Wild MegaGlo Highlighting Powder 

Wet n Wild MegaGlo Highlighter is in soft powered form and has rosy pigments along with a shimmery glow. This Highlighter will give you the perfect shine and the best part, it’s just $5.

(Price: $4.99)

Essence Pure Nude Highlighter

Essence Pure Nude Highlighter is perfect for an everyday makeup, this sort of highlighter can give a natural-looking glow and be light on the wallet alongside.

(Price: $4.49 )

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips

This drugstore highlighter is a perfect choice as the pigment is divided into different shades and you can use the desired shade as per your skin tone. The darker highlighter shades can also be used as an eyeshadow.

(Price: $12.99 )

Maybelline FaceStudio Master Strobing Liquid Illuminating Highlighter 

Maybelline Master strobing liquid highlighter is perfect for the latest strobing technique and the natural makeup look. This highlighter liquid can be used as a base to give dewy look and also as a highlighter due to its natural strong pigments.

(Price: $9.99)


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