Be it Pakistani dramas, films or novels, a little bit of desi superstition does add up somewhere. Let’s be very honest, every Pakistani girl goes through the same dialogues repeatedly till she believes them and grows up with those principles.

If you are a single Pakistani girl, you probably already know what we are talking about, but don’t worry, you are not alone.

1) If you don’t meet the typical desi beauty standards, you’ll get no rishtas.

If your skin color isn’t as white as milk, your hair till your waist and your height good enough, oh well, too bad you don’t qualify the desi beauty standards and hence you are least likely to get rishtas. ( Rishtas : Proposals )

2) If you don’t know how to cook, your husband is probably going to do a second marriage

A woman is known for her cooking, and if she wants to earn a place in her husband’s heart the only possible way is through the art of making good food. Hilarious isn’t it?

3) If you don’t have angelic good manners by now,  your future saas probably hates you already.

Not only is your imaginary saas a villain but also the main character of your story, therefore you wouldn’t want to mess with her. (Saas: mother in law)

4) If you don’t obey your saas and compromise in your jail like Sasural, you’ll be packing your bags.

The imagery is somehow like this, your future home is probably a jail and your saas decides who stays, also shes the jail keeper, so you better follow all her rules or else things can get pretty tough. (Sasural: Husbands home )

5) If you’re outspoken, you’re most likely to get divorced

Haven’t you heard the saying, “girls are not supposed to talk in front of men”, as for unasked opinions? well, the consequences could be deadly.

Don’t you think it’s about time we set free from such superstitions and teach something worthwhile to girls?That being beautiful and a master chef is not the ultimate wheel on which a marriage is run, furthermore, there is good and bad in everyone and your future saas is not always supposed to be an antagonist of your story.

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