Ever watched a sad movie and cried, ever found yourself upset most of the time and worried about everyone else except you?  If you find yourself sad about things that don’t even concern you, congratulations, you’re sensitive!

Here are 5 problems almost every sensitive person could relate to

1) Crying after watching a sad movie

Let’s all unite at this point, okay? a sad movie can make anyone cry, well as for the sensitive people they literally get hurt, especially when the protagonist dies or the love story doesn’t have a happy ending.

There should have been another way to end this!

2) When people tell you their problems, but you’re sensitive, so…

If you’re looking for someone to deal with your problems or want to share a painful event from your life, make sure you do not share it with your sensitive friend.

Most likely they’ll be crying along with you and not be the ideal shoulder to cry on. They can’t help it, they have a soft heart and hence feel too much.

You’ve been through so much, you’re so strong it makes me so sad why all that ever happened to you

3) The day is going all good until you see someone cry

One of the major problems of sensitive people is that they can barely see anything bad happening to people, be it an animal, friend or even a stranger, they’re most likely to feel too much.

Please don’t cry.

4) When someone gives you a cute compliment

Ever got one of those cheesy compliments that get you like ” Do I even deserve this?” while some may turn back the favor, sensitive people can’t help but think of how nice you are.

Aww thank you so much, you’re so nice it makes me want to cry.

5) When everything is going all fine, but then you start thinking about a stray kitten you saw a  month ago who was an orphan because it’s mommy died

Sometimes you don’t actually need a reason to be sad, being a sensitive person, almost everything can upset you.

Why is the world such a horrible place ? why.

It’s not bad to be sensitive, sensitive people feel too much for others and have a soft heart and to be softhearted in a cruel world is no less than a strength.

Are you a sensitive person? Share your problems with us!


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