Advertisements though tempting may sometimes be misleading and to be honest, they are often misleading.Be it a Shampoo advertisement or a beauty product commercial, there is a little misinformation everywhere. The sole purpose of these ‘claims’ is to tempt you to buy the product.

Here are some of the promises brands make but never keep :

That one in a million cooking ‘oil’ which will give you amazing health benefits and nutrients.  Why not actually skip eating vegetables and add oil to your diet instead?

Okay so cooking oils have healthy nutritious benefits and they must be added to your food in order to maintain a healthy diet.

Though we’re not against the idea of a good cooking oil, we somehow fail to understand how each one is so beneficial in different ways.

Super Shampoo that gives you shiny and long hair in just a few months? like, how is that possible.

Let’s all agree to this point, it’s not possible for a single shampoo to give you long, healthy and shiny hair and that too in a month!

Energy beverages are the only REAL energy intakes unless you don’t want to be Superman so you can switch to healthy juices.

Ever seen one of those advertisements in which a person usually is lazy until he/she drinks an energy drink and start doing supernatural amazing things. like wow, all I need for doing magnificent stunts is a can of energy drink, and that’s it. How cool is that?

If you want GOOD hair all you need is some magical hair conditioner, that is like all the other conditioners in the world, but nevermind.

Diamond Shine, Crystal Shine, Gold Shine? ok, some companies just go too far when it comes to conditioners. We agree that conditioners play a part but the adverts tell a different story.

Flawless Fair Skin overnight, because the only way to be lovely is to be fair right?

Let’s face it, the majority of the advertisements that promise fair skin to its viewers are not real.

You can’t change your natural skin color and we think it’s beautiful to be happy in your own skin. Why come up to the beauty standards set by the society? or to be specific, the beauty industry.







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