Eid is around the corner, and as Ramadan comes to an end in the coming days, the preparation for eid starts. That means you need to start worrying about your summer acne because eid is all about looking good, and by having a clear skin, not only are you looking good, but you’re feeling good as well.

If you have summer acne, which are small red pimples or just acne on your forehead, cheeks, and nose then the following tips will help you finish it in time for Eid.

1- Skin Care

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One of the most essential steps to clearing your summer acne is to take good care of your skin. Use a mild face wash and don’t forget to cleanse your face, because, in summers due to heat, dust, and sweat, the dirt gets accumulated in the pores.

Therefore, use a  cleanser to get rid of the dirt and also exfoliate once a week. Moreover, make sure to wash your face at least twice a day and do not let makeup stay on your face for longer than usual.

2- Change Your Eating Habits

During Ramadan, one is careless when it comes to eating food at iftar, this it is one of the root causes of summer acne, but in the remaining last days of Ramadan, make sure you avoid all sorts of oily food because oily foods cause acne around your T-Zone area.

If you have summer acne as a result of eating oily foods, cure it by drinking water and avoiding oily foods. The remaining tips can also aid to reduce your summer acne.

3- Use Oil-free Sunscreen

Don’t forget to wear sunscreen when you’re going out. Sunscreen acts as a shield from the heat of the sun and it protects your skin as well. But wearing sunscreen for longer periods can also cause acne, the only way to avoid this is to wear an oil-free sunscreen and to re-apply it after 3 hours. In this way, you can protect your skin from the sun and reduce the chances of having summer acne.

4- Visit the Dermatologist

If your summer acne is getting worse day by day, then pay a visit to the dermatologist. There may be reasons other than poor skin care and unhealthy eating habits which you need to discover. Mostly, it can be allergies or side effects of some other medicine, your dermatologist knows best.

5- Use Skin Products Made For Acne Prone Skin.

The only way to avoid your skin from getting worse is to try skin products made for acne prone skin, even if you normally do not have acne. Acne products are gentle and kill all germs and acne-causing bacteria on the face. Try a mild toner, we recommend, Eskinol Toner in Papaya.

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