She was born with big brown eyes,
Saw her first sunset
and was surprised.

She was told the sun is not the limit,
rather the sky,
its blue was mesmerizing,
as it reflected hope in her eyes.

Ever since then,
she fell in love with the world
which she made upon the clouds,

where she was the ruler of all,
where light was all that stayed.
This dream was a gift from God,
the one her heart kept safe.

But she had fallen in love with her limit,
to touch it was a dream.
And so she hoped each day,
to live among the clouds,
and see the world beneath.

With each passing day
her desire to touch the sky grew,
and one day God made her witness,
all that her heart wanted to.

She touched the sky,
and became its queen.
She built a land upon the clouds,
and fulfilled her dream.

And while upon her throne
she wondered how it would be,
to walk the moon with her bare feet.

Her curiosity found no end,
and hearts love grew,
For the radiance of the moon,
For the world, she did not know.

To see the land beneath,
was a sight she had missed,
but then to see the world from the moon,
would be a better gift.

She made a plea to God,
To give her the land
that lay beyond this world.
And so once again,
her dream was heard.

The moon was a lonely place,
no bird that sung,
and no sun that set,
the isolation was haunting,
of all the people she had left behind.

She looked above her,
the sky shone bright,
to share the glow of the stars,
would indeed be nice.

And so her heart fell in love with the stars,
and she promised it one last time,
to reach for the stars
to be their queen.

She turned to God,
and spoke of her dream,
saying it will be that last
she’ll let her heart keep.

Being the last dream,
she found herself, among the endless light.
The stars were blinding,
oh, what a beautiful sight.

The world and its people,
they felt so small.
The moon and the sky,
belonged to her now.
What lied beyond the stars,
she did not know.

Where to go beyond this,
her heart was not aware.
Where to now?
She said to the stars.

This is the farthest
one could get,
haven’t your desires ended yet?
The nearest star replied.

The heart knows no end,
Indeed it’s a stubborn creation.

Tell your heart,
It has reached its end.
To be happy here
Is not obvious,
for many have come here
And wished to see beyond,
And when they stepped into the darkness
They were lost.
Another star replied.

You have all now what is that you desire?
The girl spoke to the heart
what is that you ask for?
She felt lost.

The heart desired
The one she left behind.
And to go back,
would mean to risk it all.

But there is no
going back in time.

-Laiba Shafiq

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