Just like your Eid Apparels,your makeup actually plays a vital role in making or breaking your look. Whether you are a makeup pro or a beginner,these makeup looks will give you an idea.

Note : If you are a little in doubt about your makeup skills,always go for a no makeup looks.Trust me on this,a bad eyeliner and a poorly applied eye shadow looks horrible,and instead of risking this big day,play safe and go for a subtle highlight and glossy lips.

Have some makeup skills? Try these :

We have come up with the top 10 makeup looks from Pinterest which you can take inspiration from this Eid.From Fair to deep skin tones,these looks are for you.

1)Smudged eyeliner Look

2) Shimmered Smokey Look

3) Smoked Blue Eyeliner Look

4) Rainbow Glitter Look

5) Pink Smokey Look

6) Dark Lips and Soft Smoked Eyes

7) Dark lips and Eyeliner ft Highlight Look

8)Vibrant Gold Makeup Look

9)Bronze  Gold Makeup Look

10)Smoked Eyes and Dark Lips  Look

Images source : Pinterest

Last but not the least,Eid is all about spreading happiness and celebrating the passing of a holy month.Make sure you take care of the poor and needy every other month and not just in Ramadan.

   Eid Mubarak From The Nevermind Blog


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