People speak of all the incredible things love can do. The feeling of being in love can turn you into a new person, it can shape your point of view and change how you view the world.

I’ve read several books, novels, essays, articles, majority of which express that love can change all. From what I’ve seen, love works hand in hand with happiness, love creates a feeling of joy and immense happiness in the lovers heart and that’s why it changes him/her. But fear of losing a loved one always has its way through, and mostly, people fear the loss of this colorful happiness, which through the emotion of love brings new colors into a black and white world.

But I suppose there’s nothing bad in a black and white world ; where everything is clear, everything is either black or white and you do not confuse colors with reality.

And for most people the colors remain and they dance amidst this blissful joy forever, but for some, the world changes color and returns to its original form.

For a lover that had fallen in love with bright colors now has no choice but to live with the memory of them. The return towards the black and white is a phase which is taken for granted, a phase labelled mostly as an unfortunate happening, but this glorious phase is what changes people.

If I were to define solitude , it’s mostly chaos and sometimes peace.

Solitude is a gift from God , like many other gifts and must be handled with care, for its fragile enough to completely destroy you and strong enough to build you up. In the end, you are what you choose to be.

Love teaches you to appreciate what you have, solitude teaches you to appreciate who you are.

Love help your eyes to see the beauty in others, solitude helps your eyes to see the beauty in yourself. Love is powerful enough to change people, even powerful enough to break them, solitude is powerful enough to change you and even powerful enough than love as it helps you put together the broken pieces.

While the past echos in the time God gives you for yourself, the future awaits. I’ve learned people change once their heart is broken, it is not true, people change once they realize who they are, what they can become, and what they can change, and to bring a change in your surrounding demands you to change yourself. Sometimes, life changes things around you, and then you change, this is lifes way of helping you, if only you understand (which you will over time).

I say to you to:  do not take this time for granted, do not take life as an enemy, do not battle with time, for if you lose , you’ll lose in way you can never rise. In this time when solitude is all you’ve got, make it your best friend, invest your time in the present, smile at life as it passes by and be kind enough to forgive yourself  for the things you could never do, the people that left , the past that can not be change. Free yourself, from the burden you carry , free yourself from the expectations of people, rise above what people say or think of you.

Solitude is your friend, life is your teacher, happiness and sadness are your guides and time is what promises you the best, if only you try.


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