The best things in the world are used as a ladder. Let me rephrase that, when given the best in the world a human uses it as a platform to achieve something else, taking the thing given to him, for granted.
I put people in this context as well, people too get taken for granted, and in most cases get replaced with better ones, just like toys. I’m a firm believer of you are what you choose to be, but in some cases you don’t get to choose.

Like suppose, when you’re selfless or in love or selflessly in love, you sacrifice your happiness for the beloved, in these cases you don’t get to choose being in love, you get to choose whether you’re going to be a victim or simply walk away.
Although walking away may not be the simplest, sometimes it’s necessary.
They say to me, do not speak of a thing you do not know of, do not speak of a pain you haven’t endured. But how different is a loss of a person from a loss of a dream, how different is pain when we all go through it. Although, the reasons may be different, the intensity may be different, but pain is pain, loss is loss, love is love, be it towards a person, dream, parents, an animal. The emotion with few variations, is the same.
Consider this an open letter, an article or simply a note. But the words will convey the same message, that, if you’re faced with a choice, always choose yourself.
Leave behind the space that isn’t capable of holding your existence, leave behind what hurts you, even if leaving hurts you more. Swallow this hard pill.

For those, that have given away their shoulders to the burdens of this world, for them this world and its people become a curse, they will never be free, rather they become a slave.So put on your mask of happiness if you desire, for what stands in front of a mirror is someone empty and at loss of a purpose, someone who has chosen to be taken for granted, and by letting yourself being taken for granted, you are actually taking yourself for granted.
Therefore, leave all that demands you to be anything more than yourself, that asks you to sacrifice your peace of mind.
Leave like leaving is easy, and you’ll see, it will become the easiest thing in the world.
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Image source :  Aquasixio- Cyril Ronaldo 

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