Manahil & Laiba is an online store run by us, just like this blog! We started this journey years ago on The Nevermind Blog with an aim to spread hijab fashion and love, which means our platform is for everyone despite race, gender, ethnicity, religion or background.

Whether you are a hijabi, nonhijabi, Muslim or non-Muslim, this is for you.

If you have been following us for a while, we bet you already know a lot about us. Yet for once, this blog post is dedicated to things you still need to know.

1) Our Hijabs Are New In Modest Fashion Industry

Our  ” Elegance in Shade “collection is not inspired by anyone else, our designs are unique and the first to be introduced to the modest industry. We have them in 12  beautiful shades for women of every skin tone.

2) We have Super Affordable Rates

We believe in affordability and quality, this is why our rates are affordable for anyone looking to style their fit while being on a budget. Our Hijabs are extra large to allow you to  cover up while playing with various styles.

Each Hijab is just  $6.1 (PKR 785)  with delivery charges to be paid depending on your location. We now ship internationally as well. You would be charged for shipping depending on your zone and country.

Delivery Charges For Cities in Pakistan are Rs 120 – 180.

Size : 200 cm x 80 cm

3) We Are Young Entrepreneurs With A Goal

Finding the lack of modest fashion being promoted in Pakistan, In 2016 we set a goal of introducing and promoting it through our blog. Combining our passion for literature and fashion, we have worked really hard to contribute the finest to our readers.

From starting this blog in our teenage to have achieved all our aims by early twenties, we are eager to bring a change in how Pakistanis view hijab fashion. To us, the hijab is all about modesty with style, and that’s why Manahil & Laiba hijabs are for women of today.

4)We Are Independent

When we say independent, we mean that we are just two people, managing every platform and working on our own to bring forth amazing content for our readers. Although we welcome collaborations with brands and bloggers, we don’t rely on them to keep our blog going. Ranging from designing, writing, editing, content creating, graphic designing, photography, social media management/marketing we do it all independently.

This is because we have turned our passions into work and we love to do everything by our selves.

All credit, however, goes to our parents for their support and love, without them we wouldn’t be able to achieve our goals.

5) We Are Sisters

We are more than siblings, we are best friends and a reflection of each other. We share common interests and have similar skills. Our fields of interest are fashion, beauty,art and we are all about literature. We believe that good words can change the world,and this is why we write.

To View, Our First Collection Visit HereManahil & Laiba : Elegance In Shade Hijab Collection

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