Imran Khan,a former Pakistani cricketer and coming Prime Minister of Pakistan is the latest sensation nowadays. Not only is he the most liked personality in Pakistan, he is also famously known as “Kaptan”  which translates to captain, leading back to 1992 when Pakistan won the cricket world cup under the leadership of Imran Khan.

Khan started his political journey in 1996 and since then had been trying to fight against injustice and corruption; this is why he named his political party, “Tehreek-e-insaf” which translates to “Movement for justice “.

Over the past 5 years, Imran Khan had claimed to shift the tables of Pakistan crumbling state and promised every Pakistani that he would change the deteriorating condition of the country. This created a spark of hope in the hearts of Pakistanis who were tired of the crisis and hence voted for him in large numbers, which led to his victory in election 2018.

The question now arises whether Imran Khan would deliver what he promised, will we instantly get a Naya Pakistan as  we dreamt of?  will we be touching the heights of glory as soon as Imran Khan is Prime Minister ? The Answer here is quite a No.

This is because Pakistan had been lost in the shadows of ruins for a long time, not only is our country politically unstable, there are various crises to be dealt with.

Ranging from the energy crisis, poverty, unemployment, low literacy rate, poor relationship with other counties, terrorism and above all, an economic crisis, Imran Khan has a lot on his table. So to assume that a Naya Pakistan is right around the corner is more of a fable.

There is no doubt that Imran Khan is a man of vision and his words, but it’s rather impossible for him to clear the mess of years in a short time. It is highly impossible to bring new Pakistan in just 5 years, all he can do is prevent our country from drowning in several crises, bring back the lost status of Pakistan, and lay a foundation for us to dwell in as a nation.

Rome was not built in a day, they were laying bricks every hour “ and hence Naya Pakistan cannot be built in a day, yet would take years to do so.

When Imran Khan talks about Naya Pakistan, he means a new ideology, a new shift in vision, a better perspective and a change in doing things, but this does not mean that it will be easy. Change is always hard, and it first begins with your mind. Change your mind and you will eventually change your life, and this is how you will change Pakistan.

So to assume that Imran Khan will bring a new Pakistan with establishments overnight is a waste of time, but if you believe in the power of a changed mind, a mind which believes in prosperity, a mind which works for the welfare of the state, a mind which supports the rights of other, a mind which sustains unity and brotherhood, then Naya Pakistan is already here.



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