As the wedding season is around the corner, one of the biggest problems a hijabi faces is how to fix her hijab for the special occasion so that she can look as glamorous as everyone else.

Being a Hijabi actually means putting in more effort than the rest of the girls. You need to keep in mind what sort of hijab you’re going to be wearing, and how to dress according to it. Moreover, what makeup must be done with a hijab and what hijab color should you be wearing.

Worry not, we got it covered for you ladies. We’ve put together some tips and tricks that will help you outshine all the events ranging from Mehndi, Baraat, and Valima.

Here are the essential things you need to know and tips you must be following if you’re a Pakistani hijabi and you want to look amazing this wedding season.

1) Picking the right Hijab

Depending on the color of your dress and the type of dress you’re wearing, picking the right hijab plays a very important role.

If you choose to wear a long dress make sure your hijab is of an average size, and if you have a shorter dress then the hijab should not be too small or too large. Moreover, the quality of the hijab you’re wearing really matters, make sure you wear a hijab that coordinates with the fanciness of your dress.

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2) Picking the Right Hijab Shade

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While choosing a hijab to wear for a wedding or a special occasion pick the colors that suit you. Vibrant shades go best if you’re attending a Pakistani wedding, nude shades are preferred for formal gatherings.

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3) Wearing Makeup according to your Hijab

One of the biggest challenges a Pakistani Hijabi faces is the choice and the amount of makeup she should be wearing. Although this fact goes unnoticed, your makeup must be done according to the color of your hijab. Yes, it’s true.

Generally, while doing your makeup for your total desi event that demands you to be a little extra and glamorous, what a hijabi forgets is that the color of her hijab and how she chooses to accessorize it really matters.

Well, in that case, have a seat, as we have the matter solved for you.

If you’re wearing a vibrant hijab or a hijab that has a darker shade make sure to keep your makeup as light as possible, try focussing more on creating a shimmery look rather than a heavy look. Meanwhile, if your wearing a hijab that is of a lighter shade, your makeup can be dark, but in that case, make sure your makeup is not too light.

4) How to accessorize your Hijab

Pakistan wedding season means heavy jewelry and theme-based events, Mehndi event promotes tradition and hence people must dress according to it, the baarat is a symbol of luxury and Valima an event of simplicity.

Being a Hijabi accessorizing according to every event is a struggle, you can not wear necklaces and hence they are out of the list, mostly wearing earrings is also a struggle. But we at Nevermind believe that you can accessorize as per your desire and must not take your hijab as a barrier if you wish to adorn yourself with earrings here’s a simple hijab style for you,

Moreover, if you’re someone who absolutely loves necklaces than you can wear longer necklaces that do not require your neck to be seen.

5) Be Confident

Whatever dress you wear and whatever style you choose to go with, be confident and that will add up to the glamor. We at Nevermind believe that there is beauty in being different and you must be confident about who you are along with giving yourself the love you deserve.

While following these simple tips, stand out this Shaadi Season by wearing our gorgeous Manahil & Laiba designed Hijab Wedding collection range.

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