4 Tips and Tricks for stay at home moms to simplify their daily chores.

Being a stay at home mom could sometimes be overwhelming, especially when you have to manage the long list of tedious daily chores. Ranging from cleaning to preparing meals, everyday chores can surely take most of your time and energy.

It’s no secret that daily chores help you stay organized and active, but the energy that goes into the process can eventually drain you. This is why we have come to your rescue with our amazing tips and tricks to help simplify your daily chores.

Do a Little Every day

Where daily chores may comprise of laundry, cooking, cleaning, dusting, washing the dishes, or sweeping. The burden can greatly be reduced by adopting the habit of doing a little every day. 

With little, we don’t mean that you do less of the chores or half of them, all we mean to convey is that you manage your chores smartly. Instead of leaving dusting or sweeping for the next day, do a little of it before bed.  Wash the dishes after every meal, this will greatly reduce the burden for the next day. 

Distribute Your Daily Chores


Get your husband and children to help you with the chores. We know this sounds unreal but more than a tip, it is a trick! Set up task lists and assign your children with little tasks on a daily basis. This may include getting them to dust or clean their rooms before bed. No matter how young your children are, it is always healthy to involve them in your daily chores. As far as your husband is concerned, you could always use an extra hand for the dishes. 

Simplify your Laundry Routine

Keeping up with laundry can sometimes be hectic. This is why we advise you to set up a laundry routine. This could be designating a single day for laundry or when the laundry basket gets full.

A proper laundry routine can save you a lot of time and energy. Instead of engaging your self on a daily basis, best is to follow our tips and simplify your laundry routine efficiently.

Find Motivation

Enjoy your daily chores instead of lamenting over them. We know that it gets monotonous and nerve-wracking sometimes but without motivation, your everyday tasks will take forever. 

Now you may be wondering how one could enjoy washing dishes? Or how can sweeping be entertaining? The answer to this is in your question. It’s up to you to decide “How” you would turn your boring chores into entertainment.

Suppose you want to reduce weight but hardly find time due to your busy routine. The solution to this is simple, see your chores as a workout routine and start grinding.  Household chores are known to burn as many calories as an average workout. So turn on your favorite music and get busy burning calories and enjoying your daily chores. 

Life is all about perspective, the more you lament over minor matters the harder it would get for you to get through the day. This is why we advise you to find motivation in your chores.

The List Continues…

We hope these tips come in handy when it comes to simplifying your daily tasks. Although we agree that house making is no easy task, we equally appreciate and support you and all the stay at home moms, for all the efforts and time you put into turning your house into a home. 

Add these tips into your daily routine and spend less time cleaning and more time for yourself.


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