5 Ways Covid19 has changed how people shop


The onset of the COVID’19 pandemic has changed our lives in myriad ways. People have been coping with this predicament by communicating with their family and friends through virtual platforms, working and learning from home, and adopting other physical distancing measures. It
is no surprise how the way we shop has also changed significantly.

Let us look at some ways how shopping is no longer the way it used to.

Malls with air filters to the rescue.

People avoid crowded malls, even if they are spacious. Yes, you heard it right! Only shopping centers claiming they have installed air filters to tackle the ongoing COVID situation are safe to visit. However, this does not mean you can’t visit your favorite place. We are certain some malls near
you already have this facility. If not, many people also turn to small well-ventilated shops in search of basic commodities.

No mask, no shopping!

This one is quite obvious and very common, isn’t it? Shops do not allow entry without masks. We are currently dealing with a pandemic all over the world, it is better to be safe than sorry. Of course, we miss the feeling of shopping freely, but your well-being and of those around you must be prioritized. People have adapted to the new normal and now wear masks for protection as they shop. After all, taking precautionary measures is the world’s current vaccine. However unpleasant it may seem, some people even wear goggles when they embark upon their shopping expedition.

Only look, do not touch!

The coronavirus spreads rapidly through physical contact which is why people find it imperative not to touch any products displayed while shopping. For additional safety, you may also see people wearing gloves while they are out for shopping purposes. This sounds like a tough one,
but we can get through this together shopping family.

Early morning or late-night shopping sprees

Due to the ongoing situation, most countries are observing a “smart lockdown”, people now try to shop either early morning or late at night to avoid the crowd or the rush hours. Since maintaining a distance of at least 2m is one of the key aspects of safeguarding yourself from COVID-19. You can set your alarm up for the forenoon or if you are a night owl you can go shop later at night.

Online shopping for the win

Even the most fanatic shopaholics have restricted themselves to their houses to avoid catching the virus. The world has been transformed into a global village with most businesses becoming online amidst the COVID-19 situation. For safety purposes, shopping online has become the new normal. People find it easy to buy things online from the comfort of
their homes, rather than risking not only their own lives but also the lives of their loved ones.

As much as we dearly miss carefree days of shopping , we must follow all the recommended precautionary measures responsibly and pray that the COVID19 calamity looming all over the world comes to an end soon.

Until then, remain careful, be wise, and shop safely.

Iqra Ali

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