Top 5 Halloween Ideas For Girls 2020


The best holiday of the year-Halloween is just around the corner, and everybody is trying to figure out the perfect costume to rock the Halloween 2020. Many 2020 Halloween costume ideas or trends for girls are inspired by the TV shows, series, or films they’ve been binge-watching this quarantine.

If you need a little extra #spooktastic ideas for this Halloween, you’ve stopped by the best blog. Here you’ll see our top 5 Halloween ideas for 2020, and most are too good to pass up.

1. Harley Quin


Well..well..well, nothing beats the badass Harley Quin. She’s completely unpredictable, and nobody knows what her pretty face and devil mind are up to. If you are someone who relates to her, you’ve gotta be Harley Quin for this Halloween 2020. Those blue and red accents, from hair to toe, makes it an awesome solo costume. Pair it up with the iconic blue and red ponytail and a baseball bat (not to forget that).

2. Maleficient


Most of the girls out there may not have what it takes to be a real storybook villain? If you are the one who got the guts and have a wicked name to match the character, you’ve got this girl. Dressing up as Maleficient alone; sounds so wicked yet so bold. The aesthetic Black gown with red lipstick will offer you a darkly mystical makeover. You’ve got nothing to worry about the royal betrayal once you step into this attire.

3. Wonder Woman


Every female out there is a wonder woman, no doubt, but to gracefully show’em all you need to step into this comic character—dressing as this dazzling superheroine is bound to do the trick for you. The metallic fabric lining to your red and gold tank-style top and blue pants with a gold corset makes this costume so damn good. If you’re thinking that you have got what it takes to be a hardcore superhero, suit up and show those worldly villains what you’re made of. BOOM!

4. Cruella de Vil


If you really want your next Halloween event to make you feel like a million bucks for weeks afterward, you’ve got to trust this one. To be an uber-chic who’s got a passion for what she wants and is a Diva, of course, you need to dress up as Cruella de Vil. In today’s world of fashion, nothing beats the sass of fur coat, shiny red gloves, and dramatic make-up. There’s still something missing here; you guessed it right! the black and white wig. You are guaranteed to feel like a fashionista with this bold color scheme.

5. Never Have I Ever


Talking about the Netflix series, we all girls have binge-watched this quarantine gotta be here on this list for the upcoming Halloween 2020. If you are a small group of three BFFs, you have to be Devi, Fabiola, and Eleanor. It’s best to dress up in the red dress they wore after trying to make a fun Instagram dance video. How cool the trio would look, imagine girls.

The popular Halloween costumes are either classics like a witch, a skeleton, or a cat or something that’s trending online. This Halloween, be creative, be bold, and spooky.

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