Top 5 Must-have Gardening Tools for Beginners

A craftsman is idle without his tools and so is a gardener. If you are one of those who love gardening but don’t know where to start, then let us help you. We are not experts in the team but surely know the basics!

We are aware that it takes some time to create the garden of your dreams, but with the right gardening tools, the job can be done much faster. Although there are many gardening tools in the market, the most essential ones are listed below.

Gardening Gloves


Building a dream garden with our own hands is the ultimate dream. We know that one could get a bit hasty, but first things first. We need to look out for the thorns and splinters that may irritate our hands. Gardening gloves not only protect our hands from the dirt but are also comfortable for work.

There are many types available in the market, so make sure that you always have a pair of gardening gloves before working.



How are you going to plant if you got nothing to dig? This is where a spade comes in handy. The steel blade and the long handle make a perfect combination for you to throw in all your force and start digging.

Make sure to go for a spade with a stainless steel blade. Also, the lighter the spade, the better the work.

Watering Can


A secret to a lovely garden is to let out the sun and sprinkle water. A watering can is an ideal tool to let you water your seedlings and plants.

Don’t forget to invest in a lightweight watering can to bring life to your garden.


Gardening Know-How

You can’t carry all your tools around without some help, and this is where a wheelbarrow comes in handy. It’s one of the finest traditional gardening tools which let you transport your stuff around the garden.

Hand Fork


You’ve got a gardening spoon but where is a fork?

A handheld gardening fork is the best tool to let you clear out stubborn clay and soil. It is useful for planting in an area with stony clay.


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