Coke Studio Season 14 is Here to Break Stereotypes


Coke Studio Season 14, with its meticulously performed songs, is certainly taking over the Pakistani music industry. We are completely in love with the brilliant setting, music, lyrics, and visuals used in all of the Coke Studio songs. The songs are not only rich in literature but also full of messages which are common to all. Above all, Coke Studio is all set to challenge and break many stereotypes in Pakistan.

How can music break stereotypes? Here is how :

Young Talent


Gone are the days when music only belonged to a certain class. Where it was considered essential to be educated in the field by music mentors and experts traditionally.

Coke studio breaks stereotypes by welcoming self-taught talents from different regions of Pakistan. Artists such as Hassan Rahim, Justin Bibis, Eva B, Momina Mustehsan are turning tables with their breathtaking music. We now prioritize talent irrespective of gender, age, class, ethnicity and background.



We are a nation full of different ethnicities, dialects, and colours. Coke Studio Season 14 brings all of them under a single label. The production of Balouchi’s song “Khanna Yarri” is a depiction of a reflection of an ignored language in Pakistani music. For the first time, Coke Studio lets us taste the beauty and melody of the Balouchi mother tongue. It portrays the equality of all Pakistanis through its music

New Turn


Pakistani music takes a new turn this Coke Studio Season 14. Reminds us of Literary modernism in the 19th Century, where self-consciousness was prioritized instead of traditional literature.

For instance, Hassan Raheem begins his song “ Peechy Hutt” with lyrics

” I’ll paint a picture جیسے
تُو میری خبروں کے نیچے”

Looking at it from a traditional poetic stance and also the Pakistani traditional music ethics, this sentence is a blunder. But, let’s be honest here. We kind of love how smooth this sounds, it’s both catchy and melodious at the same time.

This track is best for overseas Pakistanis who are exposed to different languages and cultures. Also for those who are inclined to English songs in Pakistan.



Coke studio breaks many stereotypes related to colour, ethnic background, gender, beliefs and language.

Eva B, in ” Khanna Yarri” is the first-ever niqabi rapper to be featured in Season 14. Gone are the days when Pakistani music was for certain categories of people. Coke Studio gives Pakistanis a new vision and a broader mindset by casting people of every class, religion, and background.


dawn images

Is it appropriate to say that Pakistani music has modernized? We will leave it for you to decide. Although no one can compete for the poetry of the songs of the past, who doesn’t enjoy something new?

We now have Urdu rap infused with English lyrics, a beautiful combination beating all the traditional stereotypes of intense and deep Urdu literature.

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