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Our Reach : 1-3 Million+ (Figures may vary)

  • Up to 1 Million+     Facebook reaches
  • 1 Million+                  Twitter monthly impressions /Reach
  • 5000+/1-2K             Blog views/monthly visitor
  • 1000-2000               Pinterest  monthly views
  • 20,000+                      Facebook Followers
  • 18,000+                      Facebook Likes
  • 26,000+                     Total Twitter Followers ( @imanahilsh @ilaibash @thenvmblog )
  • 17K+                         Total Instagram Followers ( @manahilbeauty @thenevermindblog            @ilaibashafiq)
  • 500+                            Other followers (Pinterest, Bloglovin, Youtube)

Audience :

  • International Audience (101 countries )
  • Majority: South Asia (Pakistan), United States, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates.

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