Bringing in a new era of Hijab fashion with a touch of vibrant and soothing colors. This collection is designed by Manahil & Laiba for women in style.

Launching our very first Hijab collection “Elegance in Shade” now in  12 different colors.

    1. Yellow – Sunny Side Hijab
    2. Red – Red Rose Hijab
    3. Sky Blue – Ice Blue Hijab
    4. Beige  – Beauty in Beige Hijab
    5. Turquoise Blue – Ocean Dream Hijab
    6. Magenta Pink – Trendy Pink Hijab
    7. Candy Pink – Cherry Pink Hijab
    8. Green-  Emerald Green  Hijab
    9. Black –Dark Night Hijab
    10. Pastel Indigo – Pastel Indigo Hijab
    11. Indigo Blue – Indigo Blue Hijab
    12. Maroon – Maroon Dream Hijab

Sunny Side Hijab

Look effortlessly chic in our yellow hijab designed with a sunny vibe, its trendy shade will have you stealing the spotlight.


Red Rose Hijab

Taking its elegance and depth from that of a red rose, ‘Red Rose Hijab’ is for the modest boss ladies, get ready to stand out and own the day.

Ice Blue Hijab

Stealing the coolness of the ice, and adding it to your summer days. Get ready to look all chic and cool with our Ice Blue Hijab.

Beauty in Beige Hijab

Elegance with a touch of grace. Our ‘Beauty in Beige’ hijab is for today’s modern women who are unafraid to be themselves.

Ocean Dream Hijab

Capturing the exquisite beauty of the waves, the ‘Ocean Dream Hijab’ with its ocean blues is what will keep you looking fresh this summer.

Trendy Pink Hijab

Pink is a women’s best friend, for all the bold and confident ladies, Trendy Pink hijab is for you.


Cherry Pink Hijab

For the go-getters and the dreamers, for the lovers and the ones that believe in the beauty of life. ‘Classy Pink Hijab’ is your ultimate choice to stay trendy and classy this season.

Emerald Green  Hijab

Inspired by the beauty of nature, Emerald Green Hijab leaves you looking fresh and elegant at the same time. For all the Queens out there, this hijab if for you.

Dark Night Hijab

Maroon Dream  Hijab

Pastel Indigo Hijab

Indigo Blue Hijab