3 Step to Picking the Right Foundation For Your Skintone

Foundation is a skin-colored cosmetic applied to your face to create an even uniform complexion, to hide out flaws and blemishes and to alter or enhance the natural skin tone of your face.

It comes in four different forms such as liquid, powder, stick, and cream base. The most frequently asked questions about Foundation/Base are :

  • How to choose the right shade of foundation?
  • How do I know which shade is for me?
  • Should I use a liquid foundation or power based?

Here is a quick guide with 3 steps to keep in mind before choosing a  foundation for your skin tone, type, and texture.

1) Your Complexion 

The first thing to consider is whether you are fair, moderately fair, medium, medium-deep, deep, or very deep-toned. Once you are aware, learn to identify your undertone.

2) Your undertone? Is it cool or warm?

Look at your wrist/underside of your arm, if you have blue-tinted veins or you have a pink undertone, you have a cool skin tone. If you see green-tinted veins, you have a warm skin tone. The most common undertones are usually yellow, neutral, pink-red, or olive.

  • Cool means your skin is more blue, red, or pink.
  • Warm means your skin is more golden, yellow, or peach.
  • Neutral  means your skin will have a combination of cool and warm colors

Choose a cool color foundation with blue undertones if you have a cool skin tone. Use a yellow-toned foundation for a warm skin tone.

If your skin is darker, be sure that the foundation does not make you look grey but rather mixes with your tone, Mix two shades of foundation if you still can’t find the suitable shade,

The shades of foundations that could go with your undertones:

3)The form of foundation suitable for your skin type.

  • Liquid foundation: Dry-Normal skin
  • Cream foundation: Dry-Normal skin
  • Powder foundation: Oily Skin
  • Stick foundation: All skin types

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