How to Choose the Right Highlighter for Your Skin Tone and Type

A highlighter is a cosmetic product that enhances your beauty look and gives your skin a soft and natural looking glow.It comes in different shades and forms for different tones and textures of skin.

Although it may seem like any or all highlighters would be suitable for your skin tone and that they are all very similar, but this is not the case.

Highlighters range from addicting gold to shimmery silver shades, some may be colorless which simply shine also known as illuminators.

When you’re choosing a highlighter you have to consider your skin tone and be well aware of your undertone.Is your undertone cool or warm?or is it just neutral?If you want to know how to identify your undertone, here is another really useful guide about How to pick the right shade of foundation for your skin tone. with a demonstration about undertones.

How to choose the perfect Highlighter for your skin tone?

Skin tone chart :

  • Pale to Fair tone
  • Fair to medium tone
  • Medium to dark tone
  • Dark to deep skin tone

Highlighter shade for Pale/Fairest skin tone.

Image source :  e.l.f. cosmetics

For the fairest of skin tones which may also be called as pale tones, always go for Pearl colored highlighters as they add the right amount of highlight to the pale tone while making it shine and your highlights show up.

Highlighter shades for Fair to Medium skin tone.

Image source:  Lancôme cosmetics

People with fair to medium skin tone are in an advantage as there are many shades you can go with.It is best recommended to go for pale gold or rose gold shimmer shades as they enhance your skin’s natural warmth and grabs focus to your highlights.

Highlighter shade for Medium To Dark Skin Tones

image source: NARS cosmetics

A Peachy toned highlighter is recommended if you have skin tone ranging from medium to dark. Remember that you cannot use pink as a replacement for peach as it does not flatter your medium skin tone, therefore not giving you the perfect glow up.

Dark To Deep Skin Tones.

Image source: Bobbi Brown

Lastly, a Honey bronze to any shade of bronze is ideal and perfect for deep skin tones as gold matches the warmth of the tone and gives it the right glow and shine, using pearl or lighter shades would appear grey or glittery or dull on your skin.

#Tip: If the highlighter shimmers and shows up on your skin, it is not for you, instead if it disappears on the skin and you get a natural looking shine, that is the one!

The form of Highlighter to choose according to your skin type.

Dry Skin: Liquid-Cream Highlighters

Oily Skin: Powder highlighters

Normal Skin: Stick/Liquid/Powder Highlighters

How to Apply Highlighter?







You can apply highlighters with feather brush and highlighter brushes as well.There are four main areas of application :

  1. The cheekbones and temples
  2. The bridge of your nose
  3. The eyes
  4. Cupid’s bow.

If you require detailed explanation and demonstration on How to apply Highlighter efficiently, here is another blog post for you with expert techniques on How to Contour, Blush, Highlight like a pro

Lastly, the most important rule of makeup is to remember that less is always more, so make sure you don’t use an excess of any makeup unless required.Play around with highlighters but don’t get caught up in the world of glow magic and end up leaving your skin extra and unnatural looking because we know highlighters can be addicting!

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