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Here Are Some Of The Essential Makeup Brushes For Beginners

Just like a perfect painting requires a handful of paintbrushes, the secret to an ideal makeup look is to have certain makeup brushes that help you do the job. If you are a newbie and are looking forward to buying some of the essential makeup brushes for beginners, the following makeup brushes are a must-have to kick start your makeup journey.

Makeup brushes for the Eyes :

There are numerous makeup brushes for applying eye shadows over the eyelids but here are a few of the essentials that you should be having before starting your makeup journey.

Simple Eye shadow brush

This makeup brush is used to apply eye shadow over the eyelids, the secret to using this brush is to tap the shade over the eyelids instead of trying to brush it in.

Blending Eyeshadow Brush

In order to achieve a professional-looking makeup look, the trick is to practice blending and make sure to own the following blending  brushes

Tapered blending brush

This makeup brush is used to blend in the crease and for a softer blending effect.

Makeup Brushes for the Face:

Just like every artist requires a canvas, a makeup artist’s canvas is the face. The right proportion and techniques can enhance your look while careless and abrupt makeup techniques can downgrade your face.

How you apply your blush, contour, and powder to the face matters a lot, there are numerous brushes for the face as well, but I recommend you buy the following:

Foundation brushes

I’m not a fan of makeup sponges or beauty blenders for applying your foundation, this is because I believe that they are rather unhygienic compared to makeup brushes. This foundation brush is used in circular directions to apply in the right proportions of foundation.

Foundation & Primer Brush

This brush can be used to apply primer or foundation on your face, the trick is to paint in the foundation in a vertical direction. This is one of the most used makeup brushes for applying foundations, liquid concealers, or primers.

The following brushes are for blending in the contour, applying highlighter, applying foundation, and for applying in the blush respectively.

Makeup Brush for the Lips:

Although there are multiple makeup brushes for applying liquid lip shades, this one is a must-have if you are a beginner.

This makeup brush is used to apply lip shades to your lips and to make sure the lipstick is well applied. It can also be used to outline your lips before applying lipstick.

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