10 Busted Myths About Corona Virus

COVID-19 or Corona virus is a deadly new virus which is known to deteriorate the respiratory organs of human beings. The disease causes respiratory illness which comprises of symptoms such as fever, flue, cough, sour throat or breathing difficulty. The virus began in December 2019 and so far there are no considerable vaccines or treatment

As estimated by Wikipedia, this virus is affecting 200+ countries with the death stat of 50,000+. It is known to affect the immunity of the victims and eventually kill them.

Amidst the COVID-19 outbreak and thousands of death occurring worldwide, we find it our duty to bust some of the myths around this deadly virus. Here are the 10 busted myths about Corona virus

Corona Virus does not kill everyone

It is a misconception that everyone who catches COVID-19 dies. Recovery is possible as long as the symptoms are identified and treated. According to World Health Organization, one does not have Corona virus for life.

Source: BBC news

Corona Virus does not have anything to do with the weather

Another myth revolving around corona virus is that hot weather may diminish or kill the virus. This is a misconception since countries with hot temperatures have reported numerous cases of COVID-19 as well.

Corona Virus does not spread from things or food items

According to COVID-19 Health Advisory, Corona virus is least likely to spread from goods or food items.

Source: The Independent

Mosquitoes or any other flies are not the carriers of COVID-19

According to WHO, the new deadly virus does not transmit from mosquito bites. It is said to be a respiratory virus which spread through droplets of water generated when an infected person sneezes or through the nasal discharge.

Antibiotics do not work against Corona Virus or any other Virus

It is a fact that antibiotics don’t work against viruses. They are known to fight bacteria and not viruses, including the influenza virus.

Hence according to WHO and COVID-19 Health Advisers, Corona virus is not cured by the use of antibiotics

Spraying Alcohol or Chlorine all over your body does not kill Corona Virus

Spraying alcohol or chlorine does not kill the virus that had entered your body. They do not disinfect or cure the disease. Excess use of chlorine or alcohol can however damage your skin.

Garlic does not help against COVID-19

There are no apparent evidence that eating garlic kills corona virus.

Corona Virus affects people of all ages

Although children and elderly are more vulnerable to becoming severally sick with the new virus, it is however a myth that the corona virus affects only elderly and children. People of all ages are under the risk of getting infected with Corona virus.

Source: AHA

COVID-19 can spread from goods imported from China

A virus is not known to stay alive on packages or letters. It is unlikely that it will be transmitted from goods imported from another country.

Taking a hot bath does not kill the virus

Taking a really hot shower or bath could be uncomfortable and harmful. It is does not change your body temperature. It is a misconception and a myth that hot showers prevent or kill the virus.

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