How to Apply Eyeshadow for Hooded Eyes

Is all or part of your eyelid covered by the skin under your brow bone? If yes, than you probably have hooded eyes.

Unlike most eye shapes, hooded eyes are quite challenging when it comes to applying eye makeup, this is because the protruding brow bone creates a “hood” over your eye lid, hiding away all the hard work you put into creating your favorite look. Once you open your eyes, all the glam is gone !


There is a certain mastery required to applying eye makeup for hooded eyes. The trick is to be well aware of the anatomy of your eye shape ( just the basics though )


Step 1 : Create a crease line

With your eyes open, start drawing a crease line keeping in mind the gap between your eyelid and the brow. By drawing in a new crease with a transition shade, you can determine how you want to contour your eyes.

Image : Reddit

Step 2 : Add some depth to the crease

Use a darker shade to create dimension and density, making the new crease appear realistic by blending in the outward direction.

Note : Do not blend inwards, it would make your eyes appear small and tight.

Image : Reddit

Step 3 : Add in a shimmery shade to your eyelids

Image : Reddit

The glitter or shimmer would make your eyes appear bigger and make em pop ! Exciting enough?

Step 4 : Blend, add eyelashes and shimmer !

Any makeup look is incomplete without proper blending, therefore it is crucial to master the art of subtle blending if you want to create any makeup look.

In this case, blend outwards but in limits. You don’t want to give an upturned effect to your eyes. Plus when it comes to eyelashes, make sure to get a pair which is thicker and upturned over the edges and subtle in the inner corners. Cat eye effect is our goal ladies !

Image : Reddit

Final look with a pop of shimmer over the inner corners. Doesn’t it look seductive? We are in love with this step by step created by a Reddit user.

The comparison below is worth your time, do notice the difference with lower crease line and an eyeliner. Looks just as good but we would certainly go with the right eye no eyeliner look. What do you ladies think?

Image : Reddit // Created by a famous Reddit artist

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