Must Read Top Makeup Tips For Beginners 2020

Looking for makeup tips to help you understand the art of Makeup? Going through numerous tutorials in pursuit to up your makeup game? Tired of watching top makeup tutorials and learning nothing at? Worry not ! We are here to the rescue.

Below are top 10 makeup tips or steps to ease your makeup journey and help you understand the essentials :

Know your Face and Eye Shape

We can not place more emphasis on the fact that the very essential step to makeup is being aware of your face and eye shape. This is crucial because makeup is an art, and your face is the canvas.

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Always use a primer

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A primer creates an extra smooth layer between your skin and makeup. This gives your foundation a soft finish. Furthermore, a primer helps your makeup last longer. So make sure to always have a primer of good quality for a flawless canvas.

Choose the right Foundation for Your Skin Tone

Don’t use a foundation too dark or lighter than your skin tone. Always pick a foundation which blends into your skin tone. The goal of foundation is to makeup your skin look flawless and natural.

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Know the basic makeup brush combination


There is no point of a good canvas if the artist is not aware of his tools. That’s right ! Although as a beginner, you might feel lost in the world of makeup brushes, it is essential to have basic knowledge about them.

You don’t need to own plenty of brushes, just need to have the right ones.

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Use the Right Concealer for Your Skin tone

Concealer comes before foundation. Use a concealer of your skin tone to cover your dark circles and blemishes if any.

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Stick to Matte Eye shadow Palettes

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We recommend Matte Eye shadow Palettes since they are easier to start with. Glitter and shimmer might look appealing but trust us, they are too hard to handle for a beginner.

Our advice is to play with softer shades instead of dark and colorful ones. Once you get your grip on your makeup brushes, jump to darker shades of your choice.

Use a Waterproof Mascara

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A good Mascara is a must have ! make sure to use a waterproof mascara which does not run once your eyes are watery.

When dealing with your eyes, always use quality products no matter how costly.

Know the Right Eyebrow shape for your Face Type

Some eyebrow shapes may be trending on Instagram but this does not mean you have to follow it blindly. Check your face type before shaping your eyebrows.

Note : Avoid over shading your eye brows, always go with softer filled brows for a natural effect.

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Skip the Contour


Just like glitter, avoid contour! We know it makes you feel makeup artist enough but trust us again, contouring needs a lot of practice. For a beginner, we recommend applying blush and highlight to start with.

Unless you fully understand the technique, it is wise not to play with your face.

Less is More


We say this quite often but would say it again. Excess of anything is bad and the same goes for makeup. The goal of makeup is to enhance your natural beauty not to erase it. We recommend you use less of every product while bringing out your natural charm. The less the better !

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