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One of the most problematic times of a person’s life is when they are exposed to acne. Many people over the world experience acne at least once in their lifetime, for some it persists, while for others it is temporary. Often an acne sufferer will carry scars of different types, depending on the acne they endured. These scars are even more difficult to get rid of than the acne itself. Being an acne sufferer that is now dealing with scars, I am aware that this process requires patience, dedication, and most importantly a good doctor.

Acne Scar removal procedures are highly costly throughout the world because it involves the use of complex and expensive equipment’s that give brilliant results. The procedure is undeniably painful and often risky, thus, it requires the patient to trust the dermatologist and pay heavy cash. Rest assured, we have a solution to these two problems.

“Skin Zone Aesthetic Clinic” is located in Rawalpindi and is one of the finest Clinics for the treatment of Acne, Acne Scars, and various other procedures. Our Founding member Manahil got her scar removal treatment from “Skin Zone Aesthetic Clinic” and has given positive feedback regarding the method of treatment, results, and overall experience. Dr. Amer the expert dermatologist is both a kind and talented person, he is one of Pakistan’s finest dermatologists and cosmologists. Many other clinics in Pakistan, sell an image of a possibility only to gain money from a na├»ve patient. The cycle never ends and ultimately the patient loses hope in recovery. I want you all that suffer from acne to know that no matter how worse your acne may be, it is possible to heal. Personally, I had visited Dr. Simi’s clinic for more than two years, I was given loads of medicines for months and none of them seemed effective. I do not doubt the credibility of Dr. Simi, but through experience, I can say that she is not the right doctor for Acne treatment and scar removal. She is both costly and barely gave me any results. This again is an example of one clinic and a subjective experience. I was fortunate to come across Dr. Amer who is both intelligent and honest; his prescribed medicines healed my acne that I was trying to cure for the past six years. Not only was I satisfied with the results, but the expense was also minimum. This leads us to our next stop: Acne Scars.

Acne Scars Treatment at Skin Zone Aesthetics

Acne scars are the next demon Acne sufferers have to deal with. It is one that cannot be healed through medicines or creams, it requires the patient to go through a treatment procedure depending on their scars. Or we better like to call it being “put under the knife”

Though it may seem bloody, or worse painful, the results make you forget all the pain. Some treatments are mild, while others are harsh, it all depends on your scars (that rhymed!). The treatment our founding member received was various procedures in one, this acne treatment was recommended and performed by Dr. Amer himself. The treatment showed great results only after one session. At the “Skin Zone Aesthetic” Clinic, the equipment’s are international standard, and all sorts of Acne scar removal machines, lasers, peels, or fillers are available; alongside being light on the pockets.

Here are some of the Before and After’s of acne treatments.

After Three Sessions. Source: Instagram @skinzoneskinaesthetics
After one Session. Source: Instagram @skinzoneskinaesthetics

Other Available Treatments

Carbon Facial and non invasive and non surgical chin-lift treatment.

Hydra Facial for skin brightening and PRGF/PRP for hair growth.

Vampire facelift and various laser treatments.

World-class treatments and positive feedback from various patients, “Skin Zone Clinic” is recommended by us for everyone that deals with Acne, acne scars, and much more. We certainly recommend visiting Dr. Amer and consulting him on your problem. For more details and a list of available beauty procedures, visit Skin Zone Aesthetics Instagram here.

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