What is a CPS Test? How is it good for you?

CPS, short for Click-Per-Second is an online test to check your clicking speed in a given time span of 5-10 seconds. The ultimate goal is to get as many clicks before the time runs out. An average cps ranges from 6-7cpc, while the world record was said to be made at 14.1 clicks per second.

How is CPS Test good?


Whether you are a sloth or the mouse, this online task is interesting! It not only allows you to test your abilities but also lets you improve them.

If you are a gamer, you already know why the CPS test is good for you, if not, let us tell you.

Improves Gaming Skills

Your clicking speed matters the most when playing games. A good clicking rate enables you to beat your opponents in no time. Several shooting games such as Apex and valorant require a good speed to win. A CPS test in this case is good to practice and help improve your abilities. The best part is that you can take as many attempts as required.

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Brings joy


Believe us or not, the click-per-second tests are an ultimate source of joy. They not only let you check your skills but also give you the chance to challenge your friends. The best clicking tests record data through Google Analytics, which means, you get the most accurate range of test scores to compare with.

P.s, You can also boast about your skills by sharing the results on social media.

Set a World Record

Taking it as a competition, there is a world record for the fastest click in seconds.

Jordan Hum is the record holder for the most clicks made in 5 seconds! He made 70 clicks in 5 seconds, which is 14 CPS, way above the average rate.

With so many Click Per Second tests online, you can easily practice and try your luck. Who knows you could break a world record!

We personally recommend Click Per Second Test by arealme.com which comes with a click tracking chart and Google Analytics provided a range that lets you know where you stand.


With arealme cps test, you can even submit your score to break the world record! All you have to do is send an email to admin+cps[at]arealme.com

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