5 Meaningful Turkish Series All Pakistanis Must Watch.

Turkish Dramas have become a very common source of entertainment in Pakistan. However, during quarantine the famous series Dirils Ertugrul was recommended by PM Imran Khan and this encouraged the Pakistani viewers to watch content related to Islamic History.

We have compiled Five Important Turkish Series for Turkish Entertainment fans. The following mentioned series are meaningful, impactful and filled with knowledge.

Dirils Ertugrul

Recommended by the Prime minister of Pakistan himself , Dirilis Ertugrul has left its Pakistani audience in awe. The series follows the journey and struggle of the greatest historical figure, Ertugrul Ghazi, son of Suleiman Shah and father to Osman, the founder of the Ottoman Empire.

Not only does Dirilis Ertugrul educate us on history and politics, it also highlights the struggle of the Muslims against the Mongols and instills in its viewers heart a belief that anything is possible when there is unity and strong faith.

If you haven’t seen Dirilis Ertugrul yet, make sure you do, for not only is it of great significance, it also conveys a strong message to the audience.

Kurlus Osman

Kurlus Osman can be considered as a continuation of the series Dirils Ertugrul, where Osman, the third son of Ertugrul Ghazi takes over his fathers mission and dreams of establishing a Muslim state.

Treachery, power and politics against bravery, courage and faith is observed in this series, where there is a thirst for power against a strong will to gain freedom. The people have been divided into those that choose to submit and those that are willing to lay their lives for a cause that seems impossible.

Captivating, engaging and full of action, Kurlus Osman keeps you at the edge of your seat. If you have seen Dirilis Ertugrul and loved it, Kurlus Osman will grab all your interest even more.


A wealthy man and a struggling woman, Vuslat is based on life and all it encompasses. Aziz a manager of his fathers company begins to question his life and his meaning in life when he falls for Feride, a young woman that tries to support her family. Their encounter occurs when Feride witnesses Aziz commit a murder, she is determined to complain to the Police but hesitates when she discovers that her brother Firat is also involved in the crime.

Packed with action, suspense and drama, Vuslat is all you need to see while quarantined home.

Yunus Emre: Aşkin Yolculuğu.

The series Yunus Emre: Aşkin Yolculuğu is a second recommendation by Prime minister Imran Khan. It follows the life of a Dervish, a Poet and a poor villager named Yunus Emre. Based in the 13th Century Yunus Emre: Aşkin Yolculuğu showcases the life of a devote Sufi-poet and his journey of transformation.

Written by Mehmet Bozdag, the writer of Dirilis Ertugrul and Kurlus Osman, Yunus Emre: Aşkin Yolculuğu is another series we believe will be loaded with a meaningful message and an impactful story that will reside in our hearts.

Rise of Empires: Ottoman

Rise of the Empires: Ottoman is a Netflix series that higlights one of the most important events in history. Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II wages a campaign to conquer the capital of Constantinople and hence changes the course of History.

Rise of the Empires: Ottoman is unique for the fact that the language of communication is English, you would not require subtitles and hence that would make watching the series much easier.

These are our Top Five recommendations that undoubtedly will impact your life in some way. Which one is your favorite?

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