5 Ways to Deal with Content Idea Thieves.

Disclaimer: This post is dedicated to all the content idea thieves. It won’t appear in Google search engine results because it is not SEO optimized. In case you don’t know what SEO is, you really need to spend your time elsewhere.

What is a Content Idea Thief?

A content idea thief is someone looking forward to stealing your content which is originally your very own idea. You must be thinking, how can someone be an idea thief? Well, suppose, you come up with unique content on your own and there is some site or an individual who instantly replicates and copies. Annoying right? Well here are 5 hacks to deal with content idea thieves.

Throw a Party

We all have come across content idea thieves in our lives, be it at workplace or online. The first thing you got to do when a content idea thief bothers you is to throw a party.


why though?

The answer is simple, you are a winner. Your idea is a success this is why people who don’t have a brain of their own, tend to copy it. Hooray !!

Pat your self on the back, you are winning.

Follow the Content Idea Thieves

Keep an eye on your content idea thieves. This does not mean you start hunting them down.


But instead, keep track of the copycats. Check to see how they replicate your ideas and whether your content was informative enough to educate them. Of course, one can not copy without understanding what you said.

Don’t Hate


Ever heard the famous saying about hate? They say, haters never win and winners never hate, so make sure you are not a hater.

Feel proud of having the intelligence to bring something new to the table, not everyone is God gifted and you should be thankful. Let the content idea thieves copy your content, no matter what, an original is always better than a copy.



Copy cats still bothering you? Annoyed as hell about them stealing your ideas? The pro tip is to ask them to collaborate with you, give them a share of your idea and live in peace. Because copy cats are gonna copy, yup!


Save yourself from the hurdle of keeping up with the content idea thieves. Ignorance is bliss and so is not looking back at people following your footsteps.


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