The Right Eyeliner For Your Eye Shape

Did you know that there is a specific eyeliner for your eye shape? If you are unaware of the eyeliner that goes with your eyes, bookmark this post! It might come in handy.

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Eyeliners for your Eye shape:

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Almond eyes 

Almond eyes are the most versatile when it comes to makeup, you can go with any or all type of eyeliner application techniques, best is a winged liner. What do you think?


Round Eyes 

Eyeliner for round eyes is all about elongating the round doe-like appearance into longer looking eyes, A thicker winged liner around the edges is the best fit for round eyes.

      eyeliner                                                 image source: Pinterest

Hooded Eyes 

For hooded eyes, your eyeliner should be more focused over the corner of your eyes and not the center, best is to tight line your eyes starting from your lower lash line and in an upward cat-eye, you can even smudge your eyeliner giving more emphasis to your eyes,


image source: Pinterest

Downturned Eyes

Cat eyeliner is the best fit for down-turned eyes, the best is to create a thicker upward wing from the corner for adding proportion and balance to the eye


 image source: Google.

Closed Set Eyes

As close-set eyes are more closer together, lining from the inner corners would make them appear much close, make sure you line your eyes from the edges in whatever way you prefer, best is a cat-eye.


                                                            image source: Google.

Wide Set Eyes

Start lining your eyes from the inner corners of your eyes to make them look closer and create proportionality and balance between them,


                                                    image source: Google.

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