Top 5 products from Kylie Jenner 24K Birthday Collection

It’s Kylie Jenner’s month! This means that once again, we are lucky enough to get fab new kylie cosmetics in-store.

To break the ice, we are super impressed with Kylie Jenner’s 24K Birthday Collection which was released on her birthday. The all-new 24K birthday collection is no less than an illusion of 24karat gold in the shape of makeup.

Since we are makeup enthusiasts and wonderful critics, here are the 5 products that we think are the best in the 24K Birthday Collection by Kylie.

Kylie Jenner 24K Birthday Palette

Price: $60

A makeup collection is incomplete without a palette and Kylie Jenner knows just that! We are in love with the 24 pressed powder palette with lovely incorporation of matte, shimmer, glitter, and metallic shades.

Although this palette is a bit pricey, we believe that it serves us right when it comes to adding all the seductive glam in a single palette. What else could we ladies ask for?

This is one of the most useful items from Kylie Jenner 24K Birthday Collection

Liquid Eyeliner Due


This product is not only unique but definitely worth the price. It adds just the right glam effect to one’s eye makeup and we just can’t wait to try it. For $25, it comes in two shades named ‘Made of Gold’ and ‘Heart of Gold.’ How lovely!

Liquid Highlighter Body Glow


Now this is the main glam of Kylie Jenner’s 24K birthday collection. With a quite resemblance to Fenty Beauty highlighters, we love how it is both an illuminator and a highlighter.



This beautiful highlighter is ideal for Asian skin tones as it has that gold glam that will certainly make a brown girl stand out.

All over Gloss


All-over gloss is the second most striking item, it is ideal for giving yourself the ideal glossy look. The plus to this is that it can be used all over, be it your lips, eyes, or body.


Buy the complete bundle of the Kylie Jenner 24K birthday collection here.

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