An Ultimate Guide to Choosing Right Glasses for Different Faceshapes

Struggling to find the perfect glasses that complement your face shape? Tired of looking geeky with the wrong set of glasses for your face? Need an urgent solution to this hassle? Look no further!

Our ultimate guide will help you learn how to pick the right glasses for your face shape. Before we begin, let us remind you how beautiful you are, with or without glasses. Whether you require glasses for fashion or medical pov, we just want to let you know that beauty is skin-deep and comes with confidence. So whatever the style, own them glasses girl!

Just incase, we still have a guide to help you pick the best pair to compliment your beautiful face.

1. Oval Face shape

An oval face is longer than it is wide; that means ? Less balanace! In this case, we require glasss that would help reduce the face length and reduce the width.

Here are the type of glasses that will suit you.

Oversized round glasses

For those with long faces, oversized round spectacles can completely influence how you appear. They do not divide your face in any manner. The face’s width is enhanced by the frame’s spherical shape. Individuals with oval face shapes have a broad canvas to work with, therefore such glasses operate well.

Square and rectangular glasses

Your face appears wider and smaller when styling such glasses. It provides the face with proportionality. Due to the nature of such face shapes, oversized glasses are the key ingredient in getting the cherry on top look. 

Pro-Tip: People with oval faces should choose a thinner, nonexistent frame to create the illusion of it blending onto the face. The secret is to let that glasses blend and not look odd on your face.

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2. Round face shape

Among all face shapes, the round face is viewed as being the most feminine and youthful. This shape comes with wide forehead, rounder chin, and broader cheeks. The cheekbones are the widest part of the face. This face type has fewer angles which means, you need glasses which help you achieve a sharper look.

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Cat eye glasses

‘Altina Schinasi’ is credited with creating cat-eye glasses, which have a lengthy history. In the past, numerous movie stars wore these glasses, including Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. Luckily, the fact that these glasses are and previously were considered high fashion benefits those with round faces. For faces with round features, geometric glasses that form angles on the face work well. It takes the spotlight off of your cheekbones and gives you a cat-like snatched appearance, Yes!  Just like the name of it.

Source; Google

Oversized-square glasses

The ideal glasses for adding some sharpness to the face are those with large, geometric frames. They produce angles to the face and detract from the wide cheekbones.

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 Pro-Tip: While purchasing glasses, search for those with a pronounced upward lift. The shade shouldn’t be completely black; instead, it should progressively lighten from the ends.

3. A square-shaped face

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Wide foreheads, wide cheekbones, and angular jaws fall into the category of squared face shape; these faces have a lot of angles and are the total antithesis of round faces. It’s crucial to consider your facial appearance while purchasing your eyewear. The following glasses work best to establish softness and balance to the face:

Round Glasses

Source; Google

Glasses that do not provide many angles and soften the features and shape, work best for people with square face shapes. They balance the face and prevent it from looking angular.

Oval glasses


They give the impression of softness to the face, balancing it and alleviating its sharpness.

Pro-tip: Select softer-framed glasses; choose lighter colours and two-toned hues whenever possible.

4. Diamond-shaped face

These face forms resemble a diamond, just as the term implies. Such facial shapes are characterized by a small forehead, high cheekbones, and a pointed chin. Diamond face shapes look best with cat eye, oval, and round frames. Here is our recommendation of glasses for diamond-faced queens:

Source; Google

Horn–rimmed glasses

These were the first pair of eyewear accessories that were regarded as high fashion. These vintage eyeglasses became common in the 1950s. Originally made of horn, shell, or thick plastic, these are now constructed of thick plastic with a horn pattern imprinted on them.

Source; Google

Square glasses

For those with a diamond-shaped face, medium-sized square glasses are ideal because they don’t take up much room on the forehead, temples, or brows. Preventing the forehead from appearing narrow. Thus providing volume to the lower half of the face.

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Pro-tip:  Use smaller or medium-sized frames.

5. Heart Face shape

The type of face which has a larger forehead that progressively gets smaller towards the chin and culminates in a point is known as the heart face shape. One of the most distinctive and exquisite face shapes, according to science. Here are some eyewear options that complement such facial features;

Source; Google

Rectangular glasses:

With such a broad forehead and a sharp jawline, rectangle glasses will do the trick to balance the features and add some width.

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Like cat eyeglasses, these frames have been around for a while. As the title indicates, these frames were formerly made from real tortoise shells until the late 1970s, a practice that was thankfully discontinued. Both men and women wear these eyeglasses. Why do they continue to go by the name tortoiseshell? That’s because it replicates its design onto the glasses frame. With a heart-shaped face, these glasses look their best on the wearer.

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6. Pear-shaped face

The characteristics of this face shape are very similar to those of a square face shape, with the exception that people with a pear face shape have a narrow forehead and a strong, angular jawline. Here are some eyewear options that complement such facial features;

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Smaller round frames

A smaller, gentler style that complements their features and doesn’t cover a significant portion of the top of the face should be chosen by those with pear-shaped faces. Small, round glasses will work in this circumstance. The circular shape of the spectacles gives the face tenderness and symmetry.

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For both men and women with pear-shaped faces, aviators are optimal. In contrast to cat-eye spectacles, these glasses have a frame that slopes downward rather than upward, softening the cheekbones and taking up less room on the forehead and temples. Consequently, characteristics are balanced as intended.

Source; Google

Pro-tip: Choosing glasses with a thin frame and lenses that are either grey, brown, or any other light tint is a good idea.

7. Oblong Face shape

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Oblong or long face individuals have a long forehead and chin, with the cheeks not being fuller but being equal in length to the forehead and chin. Because the oblong face is longer than wide, people with this face type frequently mistake it for an oval face. A person with this face shape should bear in mind his or her facial features when buying glasses. Avoid wearing smaller glasses with thin frames since they make your face appear longer . The following glasses work best to establish evenness and balance in the face.

Oversized wayfarer

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These glasses are the ideal complement for oblong face types because they uniformly distribute the length of the forehead and chin. These spectacles enhance the facial appearance of such people. These glasses come in a variety of styles, some with thick frames and others with just the upper frame. Make sure to choose glasses with a thick and oversized frame when you go glasses shopping.

Oversized round glasses

Both men and women of this face shape look best in oversized round spectacles. These glasses complement the style exactly, making you appear both stylish and casual. Clear, translucent or two toned lenses work best for these eyeglasses. Round eyewear adds five stars to the appearance by balancing the length of the face and giving it width and softness.

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Pro-tip: While shopping for your glasses keep in mind to always opt for something oversized, which has a thick frame, geometrical, and two-toned to create the illusion of width to your face and minimize the length.

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