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Microneedling for Scars Review: Skin Zone Aesthetic Clinic

Microneedling in clear terms is a cosmetic procedure that makes use of sterilized needles to puncture the skin. This procedure is used to improve the texture of the skin by pricking the skin and making tiny wounds, which later promote collagen production. Resulting in new and healthy skin.

On a personal account, I had been dealing with acne my entire teenage years. Which left me with a combination of scars that felt completely impossible to treat. Over years of treatment by rather unskilled dermatologists, I had finally come to the conclusion that no balm or pharmaceutical cream could ever heal acne scars.

So what actually helps get rid of acne scars?

The short reality is that no aesthetic or skin treatment can completely help you get rid of scars. They can however reduce the appearance but not diminish them completely.

Skin Zone Aesthetic clinic by Dr. Amer Ejaz helped me reduce my acne scars to an extent. I had got done two micro-needling sessions for my skin and I must say that the texture has improved to a good extent.

I now can cover my blemishes and scarring with makeup, making them less visible than before.

I had ice-pick and pitted scars on my cheek. The scarring was not spread all over my face, just the right and left cheeks.

Here are the results.


These are the results of the first session, Dr. Amer recommended up to 4 treatments for my scar type.

Does it hurt?

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One of the most widely asked questions for anyone opting for micro-needling scar treatment is whether it hurts or not. Although the doctor puts on a numbing cream before the treatment. The procedure does hurt, but to an extent that is bearable. Also, they offer injections to help ease the pain. So if you are stepping back because you are scared of the tiny needle puncturing your skin then don’t.

How long does it take to heal?

The skin recovers within a week but it takes 2-3 months completely for you to see any results.

Is it worth it?

Yes, It improves the texture of your skin and helps in reducing your scars. Although I didn’t see many results after the first session. The second session did reduce my acne scars, leaving me with healthier-looking skin.

Would I recommend this treatment?

Dermatologists do offer laser treatments for scars but on a personal level, I recommend micro-needling instead of a laser. This is because I believe micro-needling is less harmful to your skin. Also, it gives you room to watch your skin heal gradually, also it hurts less 😉