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  • Culture ( Articles based on diversity and your culture regardless of race and nationality)
  • Pakistan ( Have your say about the latest events happening in Pakistan or any positive content related to the country)
  • Musings (Share your creativity, your thoughts or fictional short stories)

Note :

  • The submitted articles should not be educational or advertising a certain person or a brand,
  • The word limit should range from 500-1000 words written in third person, i.e, the authors should not refer to the readers as ” you” or refer to themselves as ” I”.
  • High resolution images are accepted only.
  • Submit your Instagram/Twitter @ with a profile picture ( If possible)
  • The Editors have the right to edit and amend your article (if required) based on the policy and approved standard of the website.
  • The Editors have the right to reject an article with due feedback for improvement.

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