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What’s your eye-shape ? Description with Makeup Tips

The first step to flaunting any eye makeup look is to determine your eye-shape. Every one of us has different types and shapes of eyes and in-order to master the right makeup for your eyes, you need to first know which shape your eyes are.

Did you know that every eye-shape has a different eyeliner technique too? It’s true that we all love winging it but that’s not always right for your eyes.

There are mainly 10 types of eyes and the rest fall under the combination of these. If you find that your eye shape doesn’t fall under the 10 main types, you probably have a mixture.


10 different Eye-shapes with Makeup Tips :



  • Have no crease
  • Flat on the surface/Plain eyes

Makeup tip: Apply shiny color to your brow bone and darker shade starting from your lash-line and creating a cat eye effect softly till your brow. Line your waterline with white eye-pencil to make your eyes appear bigger.



  • An extra layer of skin droops over the crease.

Makeup tip: Use thick lashes and apply bold eyeliner while drawing the focus upwards by using darker shadows over and out past the crease. Use matte eye-shadows and enhance visible eyelid space, avoid glitter and shimmer.


  • Eyes appear to bulge from the socket

Makeup tip: Use medium to dark matte colors, smokey eyes look best on this eye-shape.


  • Natural upward lift at the outer corner of the eyes

Makeup Tip: Emphasize upward lift and enhance symmetry, balance the upper and lower proportions by applying a dark shade of eye-shadow or pencil along the outer lower corner to give it a lifted effect.


  • Slight drooping on the outer corners

Makeup Tip: Create makeup looks to lift the eye that means any eyeliner look or cat-eyeliner is the best fit.


  • Eyes closer than one’s eye width.

Makeup Tip: focus on the width and create looks with lighter shades over the inner corner and darker on the outside. Avoid dark eye-shadows and extended eyeliner in the inner corners of your eyes.


  • These eyes are more than one eye width apart

Makeup Tip: Use darker shades in the inner corner of your eyes to make your eyes look closer together. Avoid light/shimmery shades in the inner corners of your eyes.

Round EYES/Big Eyes

  • Large and rounder then Almond Eyes with more visible white.

Makeup Tip: Try to lengthen the shape of this eye by extending the outer corners of your eyes. Best is to line your waterline with black eye-pencil to tighten the eye a bit, avoid applying white pencil in your waterline as it will give you an anime/doll-like look.


  • Eyes represent an Almond
  • Perfectly symmetrical
  • Slight upward outer corners
  • The Most versatile eye-shape

Makeup Tip: Any eye technique may work for this eye shape, best is to tight-line your eyes and enhance the natural shape of your eyes.


  • Eyes sit deeper in the socket with a small mobile lid

Makeup Tip: Apply light colors on the mobile lid  and blend up and out  with dark colors on or just above the socket line

Combinations of Eye Shapes 

Golden Rule :

In order to enhance any eye-shape with makeup, always do the opposite of your eye-shape. Suppose If you have round and big eyes, try making them look longer and If you have long eyes, make them appear bigger.

This creates proportion and balance and it’s the key to mastering any eye-makeup for yourself.

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