5 Steps to Achieving the Famous Instagram Nude Makeup Look

The ever famous nude makeup look which is also known as “Instagram makeup look” has become one of the most trending and the ever most wanted looks by women of all ages. From ramp walk models to the girl next door this look is literally your ‘Ultimate Makeup Goals’.

We have mentioned all the necessary steps which if followed can help you achieve this famous nude makeup look.

1) Brows- keep them natural as possible

One of the most essential elements to achieving your desired Instagram makeup look is to keep your eyebrows as natural and thick as possible.

If you don’t have naturally thick brows, don’t worry! we got you. Use a brow gel ( shades of brown are preferred) or an eyebrow pencil.

Image source: Pinterest

Image source: Pinterest

2) Keep your contouring light

The key to achieving the perfect Instagram nude makeup look is to keep your contour as soft as possible; you can use a contour stick or even a bronzer (we’d prefer a bronzer anytime!)

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3) Highlight on fleek

A strong highlight is the specialty of this look, without it this nude makeup look would be incomplete.

There are specific areas of your face that you should highlight, for example, the T- zone, bridge of your nose, the temples, the cheekbones, and the collar bones should be highlighted.

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4) Go for a natural lip shade or simply lip balm

You’re going for bold brows and intense lids, make sure to keep your lips natural by applying no lip shade at all or sometimes a nude lip shade ( A glossy lip balm may also do the job).

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5) Glossy Lids or a Shimmery Bronze Shade with Natural Eyelashes

This is one of the most important steps to achieving your desired Instagram nude makeup look.

However, there is a choice you can make, you can either go for glossy lids or bronze eye makeup (honestly, it’s up to you). Along with this, make sure to curl your lashes and apply a good level of mascara.

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