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10 Dramatic Summer Eyeliner Ideas 2022

An eyeliner not only enhances your eyes but also adds a dramatic effect to your makeup look. Since the weather is getting warmer with time, we suppose it’s time to wing some sassy summer eyeliner looks. Need Ideas? Stay tuned to this post!

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Here are some of our favourite looks from Pinterest :


We love how vibrant and catchy this look is! All you need is colorful gel pencils to achieve this look


Glamarous Gold

Summertime and need to add some glam? Check this out! With a touch of brick red and glittery gold, you can easily create this sassy look.


Subtle Orange

Summertime means a lot of yellow, orange and peaches, that’s right! Who doesn’t like a bit of orange giving you the right vibe for the season?


Dramatic Violet

Blue or violet, whatever you may call it, this look is surely a killer!


Glittery Yellow

There is nothing wrong with adding glam to your eyeliner, try this dramatic glittery look for summertime parties.


Leafy Green

Leafy Green or pastel green, whatever it is, we love this look!


Pastel Yellow

Isn’t this gorgeous and sassy at the same time? For a 2 min look, this is a masterpiece.


Pinkish Hues

Kylie sure knows how to rock pinkish hues, this is definitely trending this summer 2021


Sassy Yellow Cateye

The sassy yellow cat eye is the best to look stunning in the Sun, we love it, do you?



Who doesn’t like fine white liner? We are in love with how gorgeous the artist looks in this super dramatic look!


Peachy liner

If you like a subtle eyeliner look this summer, do give this a shot! It is not only soft but gorgeous at the same time.


Not only are these ladies gorgeous, they are also talented as much. Which look is your fav? Do share in the comments below.

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