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The Right Hijab Style For Your Face shape

Not sure which hijab style goes with your face shape? Tired of endlessly trying on different hijabs to go with your outfit?

We know that it can get hard styling a hijab, especially when you feel like it doesn’t compliment your face. It’s not strange to feel demotivated and conscious about how you look in the hijab. It’s quite normal to feel like your hijab is not adding to your look. But is that a problem? Not at all!

Just like a queen needs her crown, so need your hijab. Here is how to style your hijabs according to your face shape.

Round Face

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A round face shape is ideal for hijab styles. It can rock almost every hijab style except the one with too many layers. What exactly is a hijab with layers? Shhh, keep reading.

So how exactly should one style a hijab with a round face shape?

Follow the simple rule of what looks good and what doesn’t. The hack is to let your hijab look as natural as possible. An effortless hijab style is the most beautiful ever.

A round face shape requires a bit of volume but not too much. Layering up your hijab will make you look like a rolled shawarma. Or in other words, a football! No way.

Style your hijab loosely with little folds and layers. This will not only compliment your round face but also enhance your beauty.

Oval Face

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Oval face? Congratulations! You are officially in the all rocker league. You can totally pull off any hijab style you like. Make sure to play with different hijab styles, and see which one compliments your features.

Heart Face

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A heart-shaped face is one with a wider forehead and a pointy chin. The ideal hijab style for heart face shape is the one with a hijab cap and a loosely wrapped hijab. Adding more layers to the neck area, along with a hijab cap will rightly balance your face and enhance your beautiful features.

Square Face

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Got a square face shape? Not sure which hijab style to pick? The trick is simple! Go for a hijab style that defines your sharp jawline while beautifully softening the angles. A Turkish hijab style or the one with loose folds is ideal for a square face shape.

Long Face

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If you feel like you want to shorten the length of your face, the ideal hijab style would comprise a hijab cap. The goal is to reduce the length and add width to your face. This can be done by increasing the fold and volume of the hijab from the corners of the face.

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