5 Quick Iftar Recipes to try this Ramadan 2023

Ramadan is just around the corner and this calls for amazing and quick recipes to help you go through the holy month without the hassle. Where you should be focusing more on gaining the bounties of the month, we are here with 5 quick and delicious iftar recipes for you to try and save time.


Potatoe Rings

Who doesn’t like something light and savory at iftar time? Potatoe garlic sticks are just the perfect snack for iftar time. Do watch the video by top youtube chefs and thank us later!

Onion Pakora

What is iftar time without Pakora? If you are a south Asian, you already know how crucial it is to have pakoras at your iftar table. Onion pakora is the quickest and the yummiest pakora recipe for you to try this Ramadan.

Channa Chaat

Channa Chaat goes hand in hand with pakoras. You just can’t avoid this perfect and healthy snack at the iftar table. Pro-tip, make sure to boil and store fresh chick pees for ease and time-saving. This can save time and help you prepare Channa Chaat daily.

Watch the video by Food Fusion, thankfully, they come up with 4 different recipes for channa chaat fans.

Potatoe Sticks

Who doesn’t like potato sticks? Not only are they delicious midnight snacks, but they are also excellent alternatives to pakoras. Try this quick and delicious recipe this Ramadan and do share your reviews in the comments below.

Cream Fruit Chaat

Fruit Chaat, just like channa chaat is a must-have on your Iftar table. This is why we have saved you time and energy by bringing the finest fruit chaat recipe by Food Fusion. Now you can make this delicious cream chaat in no time!

We wish you a happy and blessed Ramadan. Make sure to take care of your family and others around you. Remember, Ramadan is the month of giving, so don’t forget to share these delicious recipes with others. Ramadan Mubarak!