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5 Must-Have Baby Items for First-Time Moms

Becoming a mother is a life-changing event that comes with joy, wonder, and a host of new obligations. You’re about to start an astonishing adventure of love and learning as a first-time mother. However, the appropriate baby necessities can ease the pressure of dealing with an infant for the first time, thus making your experience less stressful and more joyful.

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We’ve compiled a list of five essential baby items that every first-time mom should add to her baby registry. These necessities are intended to support you in a variety of ways, from assuring your baby’s security and comfort to keeping your baby occupied while you relax. There are endless products available on the internet and choosing the right one can be a bit of a struggle for first-time parents. To ease your worry we have put together, based on experience, a list of 5 must-have baby items that are functional, affordable and long-lasting.

A Bedside Bassinet

RONBEI Bedside Baby Bassinet

The dilemma of a first-time mom is whether or not to make her baby sleep with her in her bed, or to let the baby sleep alone in his or her crib. From my personal experience as a first-time mom, babies wake many times throughout the night for various reasons. It is quiet difficult to leave your bed and tend to your newborn throughout the night. Therefore, I highly recommend a bedside bassinet, it makes your baby easily accessible throughout the night, and you don’t need to get up, again and again, to either change a diaper or give them a feed. In the first few months your body is trying to recover, allow it to rest by purchasing a bedside bassinet so that you don’t have to get up quite often and the baby is completely safe in their own space.

An Electric Swing

Kinderkraft Sitter Minky

A swing is one of the most common items in every parent’s baby registry, however, I would like to point out the unfortunate situation that some parents face regarding this product: baby rejection. It is also very common that babies don’t prefer being in a swing at all, but for those that do, a swing is a blessing in disguise for a parent. This is a kind of you won’t know until you try situation. If you intend to buy this product for your baby, I would recommend an electric swing over a manual one, it’s a lot more comfortable for you as a first-time mom.

I purchased the Kinderkraft Minky Electric swing for my baby, and although he did not like it as a newborn, he became quite fond of it from 6 months onwards.

A Baby Carrier

Despite the endless toys that you have purchased to entertain your baby, there will be times when your newborn will simply want to cuddle with you. From my own experience, I understood that newborns greatly prefer human contact and I wish I had purchased a baby carrier comfortable for a newborn, it would’ve made my life so much easier, I could’ve accomplished many things throughout the day and not remained nap-trapped for hours.

Playing Mat

Kinderkraft Playmat

A play gym or play mat is a handy item in the first few months of a newborn’s life. It is entertaining and supports tummy time, as your baby starts to roll and reach out for objects, they can easily access dangling items. It has a comfy base where you can place your baby without worry.

A White Noise Machine

Sleepytot Sleep Portable White Noise Sound Machine & Nightlight

A baby is quite sensitive to noise, the longer they sleep the more time you can rest. A good White Noise machine that includes different White Noise options and has a camera or audio listening feature is something you should be looking for. The better the sleep, the happier the baby.

These handful of items are all you need to assist you in looking after your baby. May your experience be filled with love, laughter, and ease. Don’t forget that you need care, love, and support during this difficult yet fleeting phase. Make the most of it.

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