Top 4 Fenty Beauty Lipsticks for Dark Skintones

Tired of all the nude lipstick shades in your makeup collection? Want to play with colors but are not sure which ones are trending? Looking around for inspiration to decide which lipstick shades go with your dark skin tone? Thanks, Fenty Beauty for introducing lipstick shades specifically for darker-toned beauties like yourselves.

We are here to make it easier for you to decide the trending lipstick shades for your dark skin tone. Although Fenty Beauty Lipsticks come in a wide range, we have picked the top 4 sexiest shades for you to rock all summer long.

Whether you are a brown-skinned Asian or someone with a darker complexion, these lipsticks will certainly give you beauties a vibrant and seductive look.

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Rose Nude


Nude lip shades never go out of trend and this is why we suggest you have this shade in your makeup pouch. It gives a rosy nude appearance and a young and lively look to your brown skin tone.

This shade is called Rose Nude.

Blue Red


Want to steal all the spotlight?

Opt for the blue-red shade in the Fenty Beauty Lipstick range. It’s not only luxe but also gives you a boss babe look which is hard to resist. This shade goes just well with all dark-skinned tones.

It is called The MVP.

Mahogany Nude


What we love the most about Fenty beauty lipsticks is that they are not only lightweight but beautifully pigmented. This shade is an ideal must-have for darker skin tones. It’s both a mixture of rosy red with nude brown, an ideal combination to give your complexion a soft and fresh appearance.

This shade is Flaunty Auntie.

Burgundy Red


Time to blend rosy pink with velvety red and bring forth an amazing shade which is an ideal choice for every skin tone. The velvety texture along with the lovely rosy hues is an ultimate combination of charm with luxury.

Add it to your makeup collection and get ready to make heads turn wherever you go!

This shade is called Board Memb’r.

Fenty Beauty is not coming slow ! we just love all the amazing products curated with love by Rihanna. The plus to these lipsticks is that they are easily refillable. What else could one ask for?

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